Sky is the limit!


We hear you think ... 'yeah right!'.

But it is really true. After our latex workshops everyone can make latex clothes for themselves or for someone else. It seems harder than it is and with our tips and tricks it really becomes a success!

So man / woman, construction worker, notary, two right hands or two left hands ... everyone can make latex clothes after our workshops. We guide you step by step through the technical process and answer all your questions, no question is too crazy for us! You get theoretical information first, then we practice with leftovers of latex, and then the real work ... you're going to make something yourself. Of course you also get a lot of tips and tricks during the workshop so that you pack and pack and full of inspiration and fun ideas for your own latex clothing to go out the door !!

And superfluous to mention ...  as a woman you can also make menswear during our workshops and men can of course also make ladies clothes (for their partner or just for themselves!)

Click here for more information about the workshops making latex clothes.

If you are interested in the pattern drawing workshop, we recommend that you first follow an extensive latex clothing workshop, and then the pattern drawing workshop.

Do you want to see what some students have done after this workshop?

Click here for a nice impression!

You can only follow the BH and Corset workshop if you have followed the basic workshop or you can demonstrate that you are already making latex clothing.

Prefer to follow a workshop online?

If you do not have the time or opportunity to come to us for our workshops, you can now also follow online mini workshops. In total we will put about 48 videos online, for the beginners and for experienced latex clothing makers. 

You need to create a free account for yourself on Vimeo.

What are you going to see?

Step by step all parts of the latex clothing are explained. No blah movies, but very to the point. You therefore only see a few hands, a cutting mat, tools and of course latex!

All actions are subtitled in Dutch step by step, it is not recorded, only text, and a nice music.

Do not misjudge the duration of a movie ... because the video is about the explanation and demonstration, the drying of the latex of course we do not show real time ... in short ... you are so longer engaged in an exercise than that the movie is!

We strongly recommend that you follow the order as we have set them up (ie from 1 ...). The reason is that in the first films we regularly return to the basic steps and techniques. At a certain point in time, we assume that you know it and we will not repeat it every time.

So if you are a beginner ... do not start with a latex bra or corset, for example, because then you will miss all the basic techniques and you will get stuck when following the video and making the latex garment.

Did you buy our book and did the first centimeters succeed? Then of course you are no longer a beginner and you can get started with all the videos in the order you want.

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Do not feel like going to a latex course at all?

Do you want to start immediately? Of course you can!

Then it is useful to buy the book where the first steps are. We also almost all deal with these steps during the workshop. After completing these exercises, you can immediately take an independent course and you can start making your own latex clothing!

Click here for the book.

Click here to buy latex per meter, or loose pieces or loose sheets of latex or some very excluvice handmade sheet latex with leopard design or glitter latex or flower latex etc.